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Though the city of sin may have gotten its name in part due to Nevada's seemingly lax prostitution laws, it is actually illegal to trade (or even offer to trade) sexual favors for money in Las Vegas. This common misconception can be the source of some serious trouble for both Las Vegans and tourists of Las Vegas, as penalties can include high fines and even jail time.


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“Prostitution” means engaging in sexual conduct with another person in exchange for a fee, monetary consideration, or other thing of value. The sexual conduct doesn't necessarily have to include penetration; even sexual touching can constitute prostitution, so long as it was done in exchange for something of value. (See: NRS 201.295)




"Solicitation of Prostitution" is offering or agreeing to engage in prostitution. Nevada law draws no distinction between prostitution and solicitation, meaning you could be prosecuted to the same degree for offering or agreeing to engage in the act as you could for actually engaging in it. Both prostitution and solicitation are misdemeanor crimes in Las Vegas, and conviction of either could lead to penalties ranging from fines to jail time. (See: NRS 201.354)




"Pandering" means encouraging or forcing someone to unlawfully become a prostitute or continue engaging in prostitution. Pandering, more commonly known as pimping, is a felony in Las Vegas. Therefore, penalties are much harsher than they are for prostitution. A person convicted of pandering will likely face at least a year in prison. (SeeNRS 201.300)




Prostitution is only legal in the state of Nevada in licensed brothels located in rural counties with a population of 400,000 or less. These brothels are highly regulated by both state and local governments, and must abide by rules such as the following:


  • Brothel prostitutes must submit to regular HIV and STD testing

  • Brothel prostitutes must use condoms

  • Brothels cannot be located close to a school or a church

  • Brothels cannot be located on a principal street

  • Brothels may not advertise in counties that prohibit prostitution


(See: NAC 441A.800, NAC 441A.805, NRS 201.380, and NRS 201.390)




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