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In this day and age, a criminal record -- regardless of length and/or severity -- can be enough to prevent you from getting the job of your dreams, a line of credit, or even certain public benefits. 


Though criminal records cannot be erased completely, it is possible to have them sealed. "Sealing records" essentially means making your criminal history vanish from public view. This includes prospective employers, creditors, and the rest of the general public who would normally have access to your criminal record via a quick search through government databases (background check).


To see if you are eligible, contact us today for a free consultation.





Whether you are eligible to have you criminal record sealed in Las Vegas depends on a variety of contributing factors. There is no exact formula for determining eligibility, as each situation is unique. Contacting a criminal defense attorney to discuss your specific situation is the quickest way to determine whether you might be eligible to have your records sealed or expunged. 





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